St John's Care


A major refurbishment of the driveway and paved carpark will be underway at St Johns from  

Monday 20th of September.


- Visitors, parishioners and volunteers need to use the rear entrance off Amaroo Street. Please follow the parking signs. 


- St John’s Care will operate out of the rear of its building from Monday 20 September for the duration of the project.


Clients can use the rear entrance off Amaroo Street, next to the Scout Hall. 


- Only those with existing paid car parking bays will be able to enter from Constitution Avenue during construction.


Bridging the Gap - Breaking the Cycle

St John’s Care aims to bridge the gap and break the cycle of disadvantage, isolation and economic hardship with compassion, advocacy, respect and encouragement through the provision of emergency relief and other programs.

St John’s Care is:

  • A parish based Anglican organisation working in partnership with Anglicare

  • A recognised emergency relief provider in the ACT region

  • Funded primarily through donations from community and church groups, businesses and individuals

  • Proudly staffed by both volunteers and professionals

  • Committed to the flexibility required to meet the individual needs of clients