Serving our community

Unlike large national charities, St John’s Care receives no ACT government support. It reflects Christianity, arguably at its best, by doing. – Graham Downie, The Canberra Times.

St John’s Care aims to bridge the gap and break the cycle of disadvantage, isolation and economic hardship with compassion, advocacy, respect and encouragement through the provision of emergency relief and other programs.


An outreach service by St John's Anglican Church, in partnership with Anglicare, supported by other parishes and the Canberra community. We seek to respond to human need by offering emergency relief, support and other programs to those who struggle with issues of low income and social disadvantage.


A grass roots community, staffed by both volunteers and professionals, working together to help some of the most vulnerable people in our Canberra community. We are funded primarily through donations from community and church groups, businesses and individuals.