Which would you feed your child?

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Some mothers have no choice.

Fast food is cheap food.

You can help them have healthy food.

St John's Care Winter Appeal

If you are like many people, in need, in Canberra, you would probably choose A or B because it is cheap and will take away the pain of hunger for a few hours. But children need healthy food. They need fresh, not processed food full of bad fat and sugar.

St John’s Care puts much of its resources into providing plenty of fresh food to its clients.

The other day Annie, a single mother with three children, came into the centre asking about fresh food. It was several weeks since she and her children had eaten any fresh fruit and vegetables as it was simply too expensive. And the only meat she had had, for a long time, was chicken nuggets or fish fingers – both cheap but highly processed. She was concerned about the health of her children.

Annie had lost her job due to COVID and, although looking for a new one, was having difficulty making ends meet. She was very depressed and had lost her self-respect. Coming to St John’s Care was her last resort.


Thanks to the fantastic support from our donors, we were able to provide Annie with some fresh meat and vegetables for dinner, cheese, eggs and some fruit, bread and spreads for the kids’ school lunches. Once again, she would have a full fridge and pantry.
Annie was so overwhelmed with all the fresh produce that she began to cry. She explained that these were happy tears, and that these items that were once readily available in her household, had become a luxury. The excitement on the children’s face was radiating as we helped the family pack their groceries into their car.
Annie returned to the centre several times for fresh produce, until she recently gained employment. She sincerely thanks St John’s Care donors, volunteers, and staff for keeping her family fed and healthy during their most challenging times.
Annie is just one example of the many families who benefit greatly from the fresh produce that we offer our clients.

We are fortunate that some of our donations from friends of St John’s Care come in the form of fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese and eggs. Donors who grow their own food occasionally come in with beautiful fresh produce. But, unfortunately this is not enough to fulfil our clients’ needs. We depend on cash gifts so we can buy, at reduced rates, from our very helpful suppliers, the very best fresh food we can find.

Now, here is a challenge for you!

One of our wonderful donors has offered to match your gift for this winter appeal up to the value of $30,000. So, whatever you give to this appeal he will match.

Providing fresh food is one of the most important things we do at St John’s Care. Our core business is emergency relief and food is the number one necessity.

Through your donation and the matched gifts we receive, it will enable us to buy food for many months to distribute to people like Annie.

Please consider giving as much as you can, and remember, it will be doubled.

St John’s Care has such generous donors, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Having a full tummy of healthy food makes all the other difficulties so much easier to deal with.