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Please support St John's Care in our mission to offer practical and other support to all in need.

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St John's Care Emergency Appeal

An unprecedented crisis

Dear Supporter,


This is the most important letter I have ever written.

St John’s Care is facing an unprecedented crisis for the people we help and without your help, we will have to turn everyone away from the Centre.

If nothing is done, we will have to close in three weeks because we will have run out of food and supplies.

During the first months of the year our demand is always high. This year demand was even higher as we responded to the bush fire crisis by sending a large amount of food to the South Coast and to the evacuation centres in the ACT.

In “normal” times we react and manage demand through the wonderful food collections organised, on a weekly basis, by our parishioners. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation these collections are on hold. We totally understand why these wonderful people cannot continue because they are in the most vulnerable category. Also, goods available in supermarkets are now extremely limited.

Thank you for your commitment and support in the past. But I need you help now.

Yes, we need food but even more we need money so we can buy exactly what is needed to help those who come to us.

By making your most generous gift ever, you can help me to ensure that the neediest people in Canberra and surrounding districts do not suffer any more than they need to.

We need to raise an extra $50,000 to cover the next few months. I would like to thank you again. But this time I need to ask you for an extra special gift.

Please help to keep St John’s Care operating.

Best wishes,

Sarah Murdoch


Executive Director.

23 March 2020

P.S. We only have three weeks left. Please help us.

St John’s Care is always grateful for donations.  If you’re able to assist…

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  • Direct Debit

Bank: AIDF

BSB:   702 389

AC No: 052 094 90


  • Credit Card by phone

Please call the office on 6248 7771


  • Cheque

Please send to

GPO Box 219 Canberra 2601 ACT


  • Gift Cards

Supermarket gift cards of $20 & $50

Donations of non-perishable food and vegetables can be made between 9.30am – 2pm Mon-Fri directly to St John’s Care. On Saturday and Sundays non-perishable food can be left in the blue bin outside the St John's Hall.


We are extremely thankful for your support. All donations are Tax Deductible.



The SJC Team