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St John's Care Winter Appeal

Help us help people like Jane

"It's 5.30 pm and the sun has drifted below the horizon. Temperatures are rapidly falling. I need to find a place to see out the long, cold night.”

You and I don’t have these thoughts but unfortunately hundreds of individuals in Canberra and surrounding districts face this every night.

I know you would love to be able to open a door to these people, as would I, but we can’t. We don’t have the resources.

However, your gift this winter can help them.

Why do people become homeless? Is it their fault? Are they just a bunch of losers who probably spend all their money on booze, cigarettes and drugs?

Homelessness does not discriminate.

Recently Jane came through our doors asking for directions. It was apparent this was simply an excuse to come inside. On further conversing with her we discovered she was once a teacher but now homeless and hungry.

Like many others who find themselves experiencing homelessness, family violence had played a role in her life. She had left her violent partner and unable to find affordable housing, found safety in a refuge. But it only took a couple of bad decisions and she was in a downward spiral.

She ended up spending a short time in prison and since her release has found getting a job a challenge. She is deeply ashamed of her situation but feels helpless to get back on her feet.

After sitting her down with a cup of tea and a bowl of hot soup we were able to provide more food and some warm clothes and blankets to help her get through the night.

Our community worker then took over and gave her help in applying for housing, and referred her
to agencies which would be able to give her even more assistance.

People like Jane benefit from your kind gifts.

I see many homeless people who have, in the past, led a normal and prosperous life. But then something went wrong.

A few bad decisions or hard times can lead to anyone becoming homeless. Lack of strong family or friends’ connections, compounded with mental health problems, can lead to disastrous situations.

Many people who become homeless often do not reveal the full extent of their story for fear of being criticised for their decisions. Some feel deeply ashamed.

At St John’s Care we don’t judge people and, through your generosity, we can help them. Please consider a gift this winter.

When a homeless person comes through our doors they are welcomed. We don’t criticise. We gently ask how we can help.

Your gift and those of others allow us to provide food (including fresh fruit and vegetables) and some warm clothes.

Many visitors to SJC have found accommodation but due to the high rents in Canberra cannot afford both rent and the cost of living. The impact of high rental on low income results in sacrificing important things like good quality food, medicines and electricity.

At St John’s Care we rely so much on your gift to help pay for these things.

Information and referral to a variety of services is also provided, including help to find the right agency or department to deal with a problem.

To do all this requires staff and as we do not receive government support to cover wages like many charities, we rely on donations to ensure we have the staff available to help.

Support you give to SJC means you make a difference.

This winter appeal is crucial so that we can continue to help people like Jane.

More people than ever need the strength and comfort of St John’s Care services. Because of you, SJC opens its doors to deserving people experiencing financial hardship. Your gift will be used wisely to help individuals and families find some comfort.

I ask that you consider a gift this winter that will make a difference to someone’s wellbeing.


Sarah Murdoch
Executive Officer

P.S. Please consider giving this winter to enable us to help those who are homeless by feeding them, giving them warmth and listening to their needs.