St John's Care Winter Appeal Canberra

St John's Care Winter Appeal

Dear Supporter,


We asked for help and you responded. THANK YOU!


Your amazing generosity not only prevented us from closing our doors but gave us the hope and encouragement that we are doing the right thing.


Through your kindness and benevolence, we have kept our doors open during the most difficult times in our lives. You have helped so many people who have struggled with anxiety, loneliness and empty cupboards during this COVID-19 pandemic. 


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


However, there is still a long road ahead for us economically, socially and emotionally. We still need your help.


Winter is always a very difficult time for people in Canberra who do not have a safe and warm home with plenty of food in their pantry.  And with the impact of the coronavirus the number of people now in this situation has increased dramatically.


Please consider giving to our Winter Appeal.


The coronavirus is already taking a toll on the elderly through social isolation. We need your help to protect them from fear and feeling forgotten. Here’s a few stories from some of our clients:


Last week Edith, a 79-year-old came to us. It was difficult for her to get to St John’s Care and when she arrived, she was very distressed. She lives on her own and due to social isolation sees nobody. But, she has a TV, and the news adds to her growing list of worries. Every day is more stressful than the last. She is worried she will get sick and no one will know. She has hardly any food in the house and has not been eating. Coming to us was an enormous effort for her.


Edith isn’t the only senior who feels a sense of loss. We see many people with mental health problems, those with early stages of dementia, and sadly most have been estranged from their families or have none.


You are the most important part of our mission because without your generosity we would not be able to help people like Edith.


Here is another example: Kate, a single mother, came to see us with her three young children under eight. Before the Virus she was struggling to make ends meet but then she lost her part time waitressing job. She is not entitled to Jobkeeper payments as she was employed in a casual position and hadn’t been there for 12 months.


Amy called us and spoke to our Community Worker. She was in a terrible state because although she was getting $713 for the fortnight from jobseeker, her rent and other bills were more than this and she had no money left to buy food. She was desperate and didn’t know who else to call.


Mark is a single father with two young primary aged boys. He has been stood down from his job and due to his poor health is considered vulnerable. So, he is remaining isolated as best he can. But he is also expected to home school his boys and has no idea how to do this as they can’t afford a computer. The boys get bored and play up and he has become extremely depressed.


All these situations are typical of what we face at SJC every day. You and your continued support allows us to deal with these situations.


Our volunteers rally and help pack hampers to hand out. They cook and prepare food bought with your donations.


Our community worker contacts various agencies and connects them to those who are frightened and don’t know what to do. She, along with our trained staff, are supporting by phone the higher than average numbers presenting with mental health issues.


We are delivering food to the elderly and the most vulnerable who are too frightened to leave their homes because of COVID-19.


The wonderful funds we received earlier this year when we thought we were going to run out of food have been a Godsend. You are responsible for this and we thank you. But now we are faced with new problems and we can’t turn people like Edith and Kate and Amy and Mark away.


Our budget is under strain to meet these unexpected needs. But your gift today with those of others, will ensure we can do something to help.


Your action is needed now. Please make your gift to provide these people with social support. Help to give them the hope they need every day. And every day counts right now.


Thank you,


Sarah Murdoch

Executive Officer


P.S. There are many people in our community who may never have needed our help before this pandemic but now they do. Please give to our Winter Appeal so that we can help them feel safe and cared for and feel positive that their lives will improve.

St John’s Care is always grateful for donations. Donate online or download the Winter Appeal Donation form below.