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Help given to woman living her car

Last week we received a call from a lady named Susanna (not her real name) who needed some food for her dog Benson. Susanna was reluctant to seek help but agreed to come into St John’s Care as she had no way of feeding him.

Upon arriving at the Centre, we provided Susanna with some dog food, fresh fruit and vegetables and a hot meal to warm her up. While taking the food to her car, I noticed that she appeared to be living in her car. We gave her some warm blankets and some pillows which she gratefully accepted. Her smile was infectious, and her dog seemed to share the same excitement.

Susanna remembered the names of the volunteers and staff members who had assisted her. She came back to the Centre the following day to thank them for providing her with some emergency relief in the form of food, and for putting a smile on her face.

We began to chat about the months leading up to her visit to St John’s Care. Susanna had served in the Australian Army for over 10 years and had been posted to Afghanistan for 2 years. Her work in the army had exposed her to several traumatic situations, which had built up significantly over time.

She came from a family who were fortunate enough to provide her with an education and a roof over her head. Recently, she had fallen on tough times when she was dismissed from her position in the public service.

Susanna was currently going through the lengthy and expensive process of appealing her dismissal and was no longer able to afford to rent her house. The stress this had caused her was immense, and this was the reason she decided to seek help for herself and Benson.

We referred her to One Link, an organisation that helps to provide homeless people with accommodation. We also gave her contact details for a separate organisation, which aims to provide legal assistance for people who are otherwise unable to afford it.

Susanna is a perfect example of someone needing the support of organisations like St John’s Care to help her to get back on her feet.

SJC endeavors to provide continued support for Susanna. Hopefully, this will enable her to find a suitable home, continue to source food for herself and Benson and successfully fight her legal case.

When you support organisations such as St John’s Care, you’re not only helping people’s physical needs – but you’re also supporting the whole person at one of the most difficult times of their lives.

Kind regards,

Robbie, Programs Coordinator

Items Required: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, sweet biscuits

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