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Back to basics in hard times

If you dropped by to St John’s Care (SJC) you would be forgiven for thinking you had turned up at the local hospital Emergency Department! With the escalation of COVID-19 we are all doing our bit to remain safe by wearing the correct personal protective equipment and keeping 1.5 m between us and the clients that are being supported outside.

As most people are working from home and the schools are encouraging children to be home schooled, a lot of clients visiting the centre are extremely stressed and looking for ideas to entertain young children.

A young mum, who we shall call Melissa, came to the Centre last week and was really upset. When the volunteer asked Melissa if she was ok, she burst into tears. She told the volunteer that as a single mum she was ‘losing her mind’ as she had four children under the age of 8 years at home.

She told the volunteer that she did not have anything that could amuse them. Her internet had been cut off because she could not pay the bill and she didn’t have very many toys at home.

We contacted Melissa’s internet provider and arranged for her to be reconnected free of charge. The volunteer went into the back of the Centre and found lots of colouring books, pencils and children’s card games that had been donated. There was also a Thomas the Tank Engine track and train with batteries that Melissa was overjoyed at receiving.

With her internet back on and the Telecommunication companies allowing unlimited data for a period of time, we told Melissa about some websites that she could access including www.moreland.vic.gov.au/libraries/children/online-activities-children/, which has lots of fun filled free activities for children that she could work through over the next few weeks.

Melissa was delighted and could not thank SJC enough for their support and the community for the donation of toys. She definitely left the Centre a happier mum with some good old-fashioned toys for her children to play with.

Kind regards,

St John’s Care Team

Items required: Milk, Cup-a -Soup, tinned fruits, Vegemite, pasta sauce.

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