• Steph Stephens, SJC Community Worker

Our veggie garden saved the day

If you haven’t seen the veggie garden at the back of St Johns Care, please go and have a look.

The veggie gardens were created by a St John’s Care volunteer called Mel and she engaged the help of two of our clients to plant and maintain them.

The clients, who we shall call Susan and Andy, carried on watering and weeding the veggie gardens when Mel went on an extended holiday.

The result is an amazing array of leafy green vegetables that you can see in the photo and very soon there will also be some raspberries.

Last week a client came into the Centre, who we will call Annie, enquiring if we had any fresh fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, the delivery that we usually receive from Oz Harvest was running late and recently we have been low on fresh vegetables.

One of the Volunteers suggested that we look in the veggie patch and Annie went away with enough greens for the most amazing salad, including fresh herbs.

Annie was so overwhelmed with all the fresh organic vegetables from the garden that she started crying. She said they were happy tears as she could never afford organic food, and this was a luxury for her.

On another note, we held the Op Shop Fashion Parade and High Tea on Saturday 28th September at St John’s Community Hall. The hall was packed with our wonderful supporters.

Our very own Sarah Murdoch and Jason Haines were models in the parade. The event raised money for Emergency Relief Centre’s in Canberra, including St John’s Care.

Items required: biscuits, shampoo and conditioner, tomato sauce and jelly.

Kind regards,

Steph Stephens

Community Worker

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