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Refugee family helped

At St John’s Care we try to create a place of refuge and kindness even if only for a short time as people go about their lives.

Here is a story about Adan (not his real name) and his family who came to our Centre last week. The family arrived in Australia 10 months ago and have been coming to us for a few months.

They found refuge here via a camp in Jordan after having fled from Iraq and were accepted as humanitarian refugees. Adan and his wife and three small children are very humble people and show so much gratitude to be here.

Adan has many wounds from his life in Iraq. He needs help with post-traumatic stress and subsequent depression, back injuries, nightmares and memory loss. His wife, Mari (not her real name) has anaemia and depression and is busy with her young family.

Adan’s parents have passed away and Mari’s have settled in France. This leaves them isolated and alone.

Finding services to help them in their new country is challenging. SJC is looking after them until they are on their feet. Adan and Mari pay 50% of their income on rent. This leaves very little for food and utilities.

Medical costs are prohibitive, and their small children are often sick. Adan sees us regularly for help with food and medicines.

We can help with prescriptions on the PBS. However, many of the supplements required for the conditions suffered by Mari are not cheap.

SJC works with refugees and others in our community to assist those in need and help them to get on their feet again and gain independence. This is one of our hardest tasks as Centrelink payments are not enough for people to get by in our community.

Many of our clients go without food and medicines so they can have a roof over their heads.

All clients who attend the Centre are greeted with respect and compassion. Our volunteers give comfort and care through our emergency relief and an empathetic ear.

Considering all of this, we take every opportunity to thank all those in our churches and community who have donated to SJC.

These donations be they gifts-in-kind or financial donations provide us with the items we need to support vulnerable people and families.

We are happy to report that last financial year we reached our target for financial donations and we were often pleasantly overwhelmed by the amount of gifts-in-kind that we received.

SJC cannot thank you enough for your generosity and ongoing support.

Wish list: Up and Go breakfast poppers, powered milk and tinned fruit.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Murdoch

Executive Officer

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