• Jason Haines, SJC Programs Manager

An appreciative client returns

This month St John’s Care assisted approximately 205 households with groceries, clothes, blankets, medications, local transport, service information and emotional support.

Last month Timothy (not his real name) came into the Centre asking to meet with me. He had previously received assistance when he lost his job following an accident at work. Once again, he was struggling and unable to make ends meet.

He had never been in a position of being unable to provide for himself before last year’s accident. He was ashamed and embarrassed as he never thought he would have to rely on welfare.

Timothy came to us reluctantly because he had no other option. His bank account was in deficit by $55 because of a direct debit payment that had been taken from his account. He had no idea what to do next.

We gave him assistance with groceries and financial support to cover some of his medication costs because of a heart condition.

He left knowing that he was not alone and that he could return to SJC once a month until things get better and on track.

Timothy came back again yesterday to say thank you for the assistance we had provided. He told us that he will be receiving a small amount of compensation from the accident and he is in the process of getting his life back together.

Since he can now see a brighter future he is going to try and work out a way to see more of his children. Before now he felt that his depression was too dark for him to catch up with them. Thankfully, he has taken positive steps forward to make this happen.

Timothy wanted to give back to SJC because “giving back” is important to him. He said that if others were going through tough times he wanted to assist SJC so they too could receive help.

He told me that the negative feelings he had received from other agencies do not happen at SJC. He was appreciative that he was always welcomed by everyone with a smile and that we listened to his story without judgement.

I always feel so humbled by people like Timothy who come back to say thank you and want to give back.

Wish list: 425g tins of tuna, tinned fruit and powdered milk

Jason Haines

Programs and Fundraising Manager

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