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Help needed with scripts

Winter is not here yet, but we have had a spike in the amount of people needing prescriptions. As most of you are aware prescription medication has gone up. If you aren’t on a healthcare card, to fill a prescription can be anywhere upwards of $20.00. If you are on a low income this can blow your budget for a few weeks.

Yesterday we had a lady who rushed in just before we closed for the day. Sally (not her real name) needed help to fill a prescription. Her son had sinusitis from having a very bad cold.

He needed a script for some antibiotics so he could get better and return to school. He had been off school for a week and since he wasn’t getting any better Sally had to wait until her Centrelink payment came through so she could pay for the doctor. Luckily, we were able to help.

While she was here, we helped her with the scripts and gave her some food. We also gave her some information on NILS – No Interest Loans Scheme. It operates throughout most of Australia and at the moment Care Financial Counselling run it in Canberra.

Sally was happy to get this information because this will allow her to get a new fridge as her old one doesn’t work anymore. It will allow Sally to purchase the new fridge without having to go to a loan shark and paying back far more than she borrowed.

You may have noticed that we have changed the “Wish List” to “Items required”. This is to highlight the importance of these items being needed right now. We always appreciate your generosity, but one item from the list below would be better than any others at present.

Items required: Cup-a-Soup, Vegemite, biscuits, olive oil and other cooking oils 500ml & 750ml.

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