• Jason Haines, SJC Programs Manager

A client in need

This week we assisted a client who was really struggling to cope with his current situation. He has four children and his partner has walked out and left the children with him. He receives limited Government assistance as his partner had full custody of their children until now.

He was driving an unregistered car and was desperate for help with registration. He had many bills and had to give up work to look after his four children. Since he is not working and has just started on a single New Start payment, things are very tough.

At the moment, this client had no capacity to pay off his outstanding bills. This is typical of many SJC clients who live from one Centrelink payment to the next. Emergencies throw them out of kilter completely.

We sat down with him and assisted with a financial plan to help him feel in control. We referred him back to Centrelink, to see if his payments for the children could come through faster. We referred him to other agencies and our volunteers gave him enough food to feed his family for a few days. The change in his demeanor at the end of his visit was obvious.

SJC wish list this week: Vegemite, peanut butter, cup-a-soup, lunch snacks

Jason Haines

Programs Manager

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