• Jason Haines, SJC Programs Manager

Client treated with kindness and respect

It has been another busy week here at St John’s Care. Many of our clients have been finding it very challenging with their finances at this time of year. Some of them feel the pressure that is on them to give to their families, friends and neighbour

A client whom we shall call Shane (not his real name) came into the Centre to receive assistance. He had a drug problem when I first met him last year. When he came to SJC, he needed a bit of help with food as he hadn’t eaten for a few days.

He said he had applied for Centrelink assistance 6 weeks earlier and would probably have to wait a few more days before he received his benefit. As the conversation progressed, I worked out that he needed a bit more help than he was asking for. He had breached his Centrelink requirements, and this meant he lost all his benefits. As a result, he was ‘homeless’.

Shane said that he was tired of carrying his belongings around with him all the time and was afraid that if he put them down they would be stolen. We helped him with blankets, a tent, some clothes, food and we gave him a suggestion of where to set up his tent.

Shane told me that he wants to get clean and go into a drug rehabilitation program that works. Shane and I worked out a plan with Centrelink, gave him referrals to Directions (Drug and Alcohol Services) and ACT Housing.

He wanted to thank SJC for keeping him alive and supporting him through his very dark times. We didn’t have the ability to get him off drugs, but we had the ability to show that we cared for him. Most importantly he was treated with kindness and respect.

With the new school year starting many families are requiring assistance. While many schools now provide inhouse stationery and other supplies as part of their school fees, families can face other school related expenses.

If you were thinking about donating school items, it would be helpful if you were able to give a tax deductible donation to St John’s Care instead via the following ways:

· Call 6248 7771 with your credit card details

· Drop into the Centre

· Donate via our Facebook page

· Or via our Website

This way we can offer financial assistance to families to assist them with the cost of education items.

We appreciate anything you are able to give and once again thank you for your ongoing support. Each day we are making a difference because of your support.

Wish list : Drink bottles, lunch boxes, hats and sun screen.

Jason Haines

Programs Manager


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