• Sarah Murdoch, Executive Officer


Last week, a volunteer was concerned about a man called James (not his real name) so she asked Steph, our Community Worker, to see a him.

He was living in a small house without any heating and had no money for food. He explained that he had been mistreated by his employer and was suffering with depression and anxiety.

Steph was able to obtain more details regarding his circumstances. He told her that the house he lived in was attached to the conditions of his work. Unfortunately, due to a workplace accident, he was unable to work and is receiving Workers Compensation. After paying rent and electricity, James was left with no money for food. On top of this, he had been given an eviction notice from his employer.

Steph was able assist him by submitting an application to ACT Housing and a referral to the Centrelink Social Worker. She also referred him to Street Legal and to his GP to get a mental health plan in place.

Whilst at the Centre James was given some food to eat and enough food to take enough home to last him for the next few days.

James was so grateful for all the support and kindness that SJC offered, especially when a volunteer noticed that he had a dog. The dog was also fed and James was given some dog food to take away.

He returned for the SJC Community Lunch which is held on the first Friday of each month. He had a chance to enjoy a wonderful hot meal, meet new people and was able to follow up with the Community Worker on his goals and plans.

On both occasions, James left St John’s Care with a smile on his face and with praise and gratitude for the assistance he received. He is now well on his way to reclaiming his life back.

August has only just begun, and we have already supported approximately 93 people with food assistance. Last week at our Friday Community Lunch, we served 65 + people a delicious hot lunch consisting of soup, roast beef and vegetables (see photograph) and carrot cake.

Photo: main meal served at the August SJC Community Lunch

SJC wish list this week: Honey, plain flour and conditioner.

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