• Jason Haines, SJC Programs Manager

Bus ticket to safety

Some of our regular donors to St John’s Care ask, “What do you need other than food?” We are always in need of warm blankets and coats and, of course, cash donations are always welcome.

A lot of our clients have simple needs, e.g. food, scripts, bus tickets and some help with their electricity, phone and gas bills. Sometimes, however, their needs are not as simple as that.

This week we have had a number of clients who needed assistance with payment of their bills. Electricity is a big one for many of our clients at this time of year. It’s so cold and we all need heating to stay warm. Many of our clients try not to use their heater, but heating is, of course, a basic need during Winter.

Bern (not her real name) who is 20 and pregnant came into the Centre this week. She was in a bad domestic violence situation. Her partner controlled all her money and didn’t give her any money to leave the house. She was worried about her safely and couldn’t take it anymore.

She asked if we could help to buy her a bus ticket to South Australia. Bern has family there who can give her a safe place to live until she can sort out a new life for herself and her unborn baby.

We gave her a bus ticket to South Australia, bus tickets to travel around Canberra, enough food for her to eat while traveling and some clothes to take with her. She left home with only a small bag as she was scared that her partner might know that something was up before she was able to get away from Canberra.

Bern is now safely with her family in South Australia. Thankfully they can help her in her time of need before the baby is born.

We could not do any of this without our wonderful supporters who provide financial assistance as well as food, good quality clothing and other items. Your help this week has enabled us to meet the needs many of our clients like Bern.

SJC wish list this week: Pasta sauce, Tinned fruit and Tinned meat

Jason Haines- Programs Manager


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