• Sarah Murdoch, Executive Officer

Jason offered a brilliant suggestion

Jane (not her real name), rang St John’s Care this week wanting to talk to someone about her situation and was requesting assistance.

Tracy, our Finance Officer, put her through to Jason Haines our new Operations Manager.

He spoke to her for some time about our services, what we have to offer and provided her with some advice. However, he was mainly a listening ear.

An hour or so later, Jane called back and asked to speak with Jason. He was out so I asked if I could assist. She explained that Jason suggested calling her old workplace to check if they had any causal work available. They did, and Jane will recommence work in the next fortnight.

Feeling motivated and lifted, Jane called CIT to look at upgrading her skills and qualifications. She asked me to thank Jason for his time, support and brilliant suggestion. She said that she felt like this was a turning point for her and it will make a significant difference to her life.

Even though she had gained casual employment, she asked if she could still come to SJC for help. I said, “of course.” Jane explained to me that, like so many other people, she had not asked for assistance previously. However, she was finding it very hard to support her family and cover the rent. Thankfully, we could respond in some way.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Jason and let him say a few words to introduce himself:

“Hello everyone! My name is Jason Haines and I am the new Operations Manager here at St John’s Care. I have worked in the community sector for the past 16 years. In my previous role I didn’t get to meet the people we supported in person. I have missed the human connection and so I am very happy to be able to work at SJC. My job here allows me to interact with clients and volunteers every day. I look forward to meeting the many supporters of our wonderful organisation in the years to come.”

SJC wish list this week: Fruit cups and fruit poppers for school lunches and powdered milk.

Kind Regards

Sarah Murdoch, Executive Officer

(Photo: Jason Haines, SJC Operations Manager)

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