• Sarah Murdoch, Executive Officer

I can't thank you enough

The weather is cold and winter is upon us. Here at St John’s Care this means an increase in people needing assistance.

For many, the cost of heating their home, purchasing jackets, clothes and bedding for the family, as well as getting food on the table, is just too much.

We notice that people are coming into the Centre later in the day when the sun has come up and it is warmer. Cold weather can bring an increase in depression with people feeling low and overwhelmed especially if they can’t afford heating and the necessities of life.

Last week a family came in to the Centre in a horrible situation. They were a one income family with the father working full-time. The mother has a disability, so it is very difficult for her to find work to supplement their income.

They were in desperate need trying to support their three children. SJC was able to assist with medical expenses for the mother, jackets and clothes for the children, a food hamper for the week and financial assistance with their gas bill.

While the volunteer and the mother were packing up the food to take it to the car., she began to cry and was overwhelmed with gratitude.

She looked at the volunteer, smiled and said, ‘I can’t thank you all enough!’ They noticed her youngest skipping to the car with her brand-new jacket on. The volunteer pointed to the girl and said, ‘That is thanks enough!’ They both laughed and went on their way.

Personally, I thank all our volunteers and donors for your ongoing commitment, support and generosity. We could not deliver the services we offer without you.

Our annual Winter Appeal continues. Your kind donations assist us during our Canberra cold months to support families, cover their utility bills and put food on their tables.

In June, SJC supported and assisted approximately 260 people with food, finance and emotional support. We have also provided people with advocacy and information to assist them in improving their current circumstances.

Our next Community Lunch is on Friday 6 July where we are celebrating Christmas in July. We would like to welcome all to join us in the festivities. We will be serving tomato soup with crusty bread, roast chicken and gravy, ham, roast potatoes and pumpkin and veggies. To finish we will have plum pudding or apple pie, custard and ice cream.

SJC wish list this week: Tinned fruit, poppers and fruit cups for school lunches.

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