• Sarah Murdoch, Executive Officer

A plan and a way forward

One of our volunteers at St John’s Care (SJC) had a call from a young woman who we will call Kate. She was escaping domestic violence and had been homeless but was now living in a private rental. We told her to come into the Centre.

Recently Kate had lost her job due to health issues. She was unsure how she was going to survive without paid work.

On the day she came in, all the volunteers worked together to assist with her complex situation. One volunteer collected food, another sorted out some clothes, kitchen items and bedding for the family.

Kate said that she had not eaten for a while so a cup of tea and a sandwich was prepared for her. So, in this way, the volunteers were able to provide immediate support in so many ways; food to eat, food to take home, linen, crockery, cutlery and bedding.

She also needed help with a major bill which was now due. SJC was able to make a significant contribution towards the bill. I also spoke with Kate at length, in private, about her current circumstances. I was able to refer her to a doctor who would bulk bill appointments for her and her family.

Kate was overwhelmed by the kindness and left completely transformed. She said, “I have a plan and a way forward”.

The next day she came back in to pick up some of the household goods which she was unable to take the day before. She said she felt so much better having eaten and slept well.

This is a wonderful example of how SJC uses food, money and in-kind goods which our generous supporters donate. Most clients don’t need all the services we provide at once. However, Kate did, and for her, receiving these items and the care that came with them was life-changing.

SJC wish list for this week: 425g tinned tuna, soup base and honey.

Sarah Murdoch

Executive Officer

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