• Sarah Murdock, Acting Executive Officer

Back into the swing of things…

The year is off and running and St John’s Care has been a little bit more quiet in comparison to the lead up to Christmas.

This has given everyone the opportunity to plan and prepare for the year ahead. The volunteers have been very busy clearing out the stock room, preparing the Centre and catching up on things.

In saying that, in the last six days since we returned to work we have seen 79 people, supporting them with groceries, back to school items and financial assistance.

A woman came in last week after it was suggested to her by a Centrelink worker. She had not attended the Centre before and did not know the assistance we could provide. A volunteer explained how St John’s Care works and that we offer emergency relief and support - she had just applied for a Centrelink payment for the first time in her life.

Elizabeth (not her real name) explained that she had lost her job suddenly last July. Elizabeth didn’t want to apply for a Centrelink payment as she felt embarrassed she had been unable to find work.

Elizabeth cried with the volunteer that was assisting and explained the challenges she and her family had faced over the past year. She is a single mother on a low income and was very proud that she had always financially supported her family and was feeling very lost now.

After talking to the volunteer for some time and collecting some groceries she reported that she was feeling brighter, less stressed and was very thankful for all the assistance, especially the opportunity to talk to someone and not feel judged.

Rhonda is hard at work planning the first Friday lunch for this year, to be held on 2 February. The Friday lunches are open for all to attend.

Wish list: Powdered milk, pasta sauce, shampoo, tooth paste and back to school items – stationery, A4 books, lunch box snacks, lunch boxes, water bottles etc.

Sarah Murdoch

Acting Executive Officer

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