• Sarah Murdock, Acting Executive Officer

Joy, laughter and support at Christmas

St John’s Care welcomed more than 250 guests and over 50 volunteers at our Christmas lunch in the hall. These numbers were higher than anticipated and everyone had a wonderful time filled with joy, laughter and giving.

On the menu was ham, roast chicken, salads and delicious desserts. Excited children lined up to meet Santa Claus and receive a gift from him.

Many guests have been joining us for lunch for years and it is now part of their Christmas tradition. One guest said, “You catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while, or meet a whole group of new people”.

St John’s Care would like to thank all those people, staff and volunteers, who put in so many hours in the lead up to the lunch. It takes a lot of organisation, time and hard work.

The lead up to Christmas saw the centre support about 500 people through Christmas hampers, gifts, groceries and emotional support.

Our Community Worker, Therese, has been supporting a woman who has been experiencing domestic violence. Alice (not her real name) left her partner many years ago when his violence turned to her children

She has been receiving emotional support from Therese to assist her with day to day struggles and connect her with legal aid for court support. She has also received financial support from St John’s Care from time to time to help make ends meet.

With this support, Alice attended court and for the first time in 5 years was able to spend Christmas Day with her children. It is another example of St John’s Care making a difference in people’s lives.

Wish list: Vegemite, honey, small fruits for school lunches and 1 and 2-litre full cream milk.

(Photo: Karleen Minney, Canberra Times)


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