Merry Christmas to one and all

The Christmas Present Room has been very busy and will close on Friday 20 December. Presents just keep coming in from the generosity of our wonderful Canberra community. It is very humbling to watch. Approximately 50 families per day have come seeking gifts and hampers. Many families have said they are feeling some of the stress removed, and more Christmas joy, which is how it should be at this time of year. Today a lovely young single parent with her two children attended the Centre in need of a Christmas hamper, a few gifts and groceries. We spoke for some time and she explained that things had been tough with a recent relationship breakdown and both children having disabilities. The SJC T

Donated food brings relief to our clients

We so often use the word ‘relief’ in a casual way. “It’s such a relief the weekend has arrived after a long week at work”, or “I’m relieved the bushfires seem to be under control”. But I wonder if we take the idea of relief for granted and don’t stop to think what it can actually mean or look like for people under pressure. Recently I’ve seen the human face of relief when I’ve been supporting young people who are homeless. When their payments have been accidentally suspended by Centrelink and they are at the point of stealing food because they are that desperate, ‘relief’ is the look they have on their face when they’re given an emergency relief food package from St John’s Care. ‘Relief’ is


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