Why Caroline and Liz donate to St John’s Care - their story

In our family we have a tradition on Christmas Day of going around the table and asking each family member to tell the others what their highlights were from the last year. We also share what they are looking forward to in the coming year. As I listened to each family member, I thought we all have everything we need and can pretty much have anything we want. But not everyone is as fortunate as we are. I told them this year I had decided to support a charity that provided for the needs of the disadvantaged and the homeless. Many in need are in that position through no fault of their own. My friend Liz and I love to work on projects together. Liz is a beautiful craftswoman. I am not a rich wom

Assistance given to client awaiting parenting benefit

Last week, a young father Tommy (not his real name), came into St. John’s Care “to look around the Centre and see if he could be a volunteer”. He came with two of his five children who were off school because they were sick. I met with him and we discussed the sort of volunteering roles we have here at SJC. I soon realised that what Tommy really needed was some assistance for himself. Like a lot of our clients he felt uncomfortable asking for help. Tommy mentioned that he often has financial issues because he is only receiving Newstart while he waits for Centrelink to change his payment to a parenting benefit. His ex-girlfriend doesn’t see the kids anymore but hasn’t changed the payment over


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