Client able to breathe again

I received a phone call on Monday from a woman who we will call Lorraine. Domestic violence had led her and her family to become homeless, but they are now living in public housing. As she hadn’t been into the Centre before I advised her to come in Recently, because of a back injury at work she lost her job and cannot return at the moment. She was unsure how she was going to survive without paid work. Lorraine visited the Centre on Tuesday and two volunteers and myself assisted her with her complex situation. We collected food, clothing, kitchen items and bedding for her family. I asked Lorraine if she banked with the Commonwealth Bank. She said that she has been a customer of that bank for

Help given to young family

A young man came in to St John’s Care last week, after it was suggested to him by his mental health worker. He had not attended the Centre before and was unaware of the assistance we could provide. I explained how St John’s Care works and that we offer emergency relief and support. He had just applied for Centrelink payments for the first time in his life. His parents never wanted him to receive payment from Centrelink as they believed receiving payments have bad connotations. Gary (not his real name) explained that he had lost his job two weeks ago due to his mental health. He didn’t want to apply for Centrelink as he felt embarrassed that he had been unable to find work and was worried wha

Light at the end of the tunnel

About 6 months ago, Tony (not his real name) came into St John’s Care looking for someone to talk to and to get some food and started talking to one of our amazing volunteers. He told her his story about how he had managed to hold down a job despite significant mental health issues, but one day it all became too much for him and he lost his job. Tony shared with the volunteer that he couldn’t get out of bed and found himself turning to drugs to help him get through the day. After a couple of months he said he was addicted to drugs and needed them every day to cope with life. Tony began to get deeper and deeper into debt and had no motive to stop. By the time he turned up at SJC he was, in hi

Refugee family helped

At St John’s Care we try to create a place of refuge and kindness even if only for a short time as people go about their lives. Here is a story about Adan (not his real name) and his family who came to our Centre last week. The family arrived in Australia 10 months ago and have been coming to us for a few months. They found refuge here via a camp in Jordan after having fled from Iraq and were accepted as humanitarian refugees. Adan and his wife and three small children are very humble people and show so much gratitude to be here. Adan has many wounds from his life in Iraq. He needs help with post-traumatic stress and subsequent depression, back injuries, nightmares and memory loss. His wife,


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