An appreciative client returns

This month St John’s Care assisted approximately 205 households with groceries, clothes, blankets, medications, local transport, service information and emotional support. Last month Timothy (not his real name) came into the Centre asking to meet with me. He had previously received assistance when he lost his job following an accident at work. Once again, he was struggling and unable to make ends meet. He had never been in a position of being unable to provide for himself before last year’s accident. He was ashamed and embarrassed as he never thought he would have to rely on welfare. Timothy came to us reluctantly because he had no other option. His bank account was in deficit by $55 because

An update on Alice's story

Quite a few members of the community have been asking after Alice (not her real name), a homeless lady in her 80s, who St John’s Care has recently been supporting. A few weeks ago, Alice came into St John’s Care looking for food and assistance. She had been living in a house with a friend on the southside of Canberra for many years, but the house was in a state of disrepair. The landlord then sold the house and Alice had to find alternative accommodation. She really struggled to find somewhere to live despite registering with various government organisations. She ended up living in a tent for a few weeks during the summer. This became a problem, especially in the extreme heat of summer. Alic

Help with medication and food for family

St John’s Care has been providing emergency relief for 28 years and we will continue to do so. You may have seen the statistics we posted on Facebook last week. There continues to be a huge need for our service e.g. over the last 6 months we gave 4215 food hampers to people in need. Working in conjunction with Anglicare we continue to explore not only how we might assist our clients to survive, but how we might help them thrive. In most cases, people come to us asking for food, clothing or assistance with paying a bill, which we gladly provide depending on the level of donations we receive. Occasionally, clients invite us into their lives by sharing their stories and the circumstances that b

The trauma of family homelessness

Last week we had a family come to the Centre for the first time. Let’s call them Daniel, Shelley and Troy. Daniel and his wife Shelley are a young Australian family, with one young child named Troy aged 6 and a family dog. Daniel and Shelley worked hard to support their family and both worked together in the same cleaning business. Unfortunately, they were made redundant as the business wasn’t going so well. They had a little bit of money in the bank and received a small redundancy. But life as they knew it was turned upside down. They applied for job after job and days turned into weeks with no employment. With no income they were no longer able to pay the rent and the family was evicted f


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