It’s a tough life for some

Last week St John’s Care received a call from a young man asking if we were still open. Let’s call him Thomas (not his real name). Thomas and I discussed his situation and I told him that we closed the centre at 2pm Monday to Friday. After this discussion it became very clear that we needed to make sure that he had food for his family overnight. He arrived at the centre within 15 minutes. I made up a bag of food, gave him bus tickets and asked him to come back tomorrow so we could sit down, have a chat and work out a plan for him. The next day Thomas came back as he said he would. He arrived with two little girls under the age of three. One of the little girls wasn’t very well. We discussed

Supporting clients through grief and loss

Last Friday we opened the doors at 9:30 am as usual. The first lady to come in was in tears. One of our volunteers met her and asked her what had happened? Lorraine (not her real name) said she felt isolated and alone and didn’t know what to do. The volunteer sat down with her and gave her a cup of coffee, a biscuit and asked Lorraine how St John’s Care could help. At this point I went across to help the volunteer as I could see that Lorraine was very distressed. After a long discussion we found out that Lorraine’s daughter was killed in a car accident last month and her father had died last week. She didn’t know what to do as the grief of losing two people she loved was so overwhelming that

A passion for working with young people

Hi everyone, my name is Gabrielle, but please call me Gabe! I’ve just joined Raw Potential as the Team Leader. I’m excited about the raw potential of the young people we’re working with, and I’m excited about our raw potential as supporters – there’s lots to do, and such a need. Over many years of working with amazing groups of people in the community, I’ve learnt that everything worthwhile in life is born of relationship – and that’s what we’re here to do at Raw Potential. Young people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, don’t or can’t experience the joy of living life to its fullest extent. Life is hard when you’re young with few supports. If we can gently build relationship and


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