Don't judge a book by its cover

The following story is a good reminder not to judge a book by its cover. At St John’s Care we have a saying, “Leave your judgement at home”. Last week a lady came in to the Centre driving in a new luxury car. One of the volunteers who was looking out the window saw the person drive up and thought the lady was here to donate some goods or money to support those in need. To her surprise, the lady came in with her children and asked for help with food and clothing. The volunteer was confused. This was a good reminder to us all that we don’t know what is happening in the lives of the people who come to SJC. Lorraine - not her real name - was escaping domestic violence. She had left the family ho

Help needed with scripts

Winter is not here yet, but we have had a spike in the amount of people needing prescriptions. As most of you are aware prescription medication has gone up. If you aren’t on a healthcare card, to fill a prescription can be anywhere upwards of $20.00. If you are on a low income this can blow your budget for a few weeks. Yesterday we had a lady who rushed in just before we closed for the day. Sally (not her real name) needed help to fill a prescription. Her son had sinusitis from having a very bad cold. He needed a script for some antibiotics so he could get better and return to school. He had been off school for a week and since he wasn’t getting any better Sally had to wait until her Centrel

The reward of being an SJC volunteer

A great many of our St John’s Care clients receive Centrelink benefits. Therefore, because of their low income we are well aware that they can have difficulty coping with any unexpected or large bills that they cannot pay on time. Less frequently, we meet clients who have steady part-time jobs. Unfortunately, these jobs can be risky when there is only just enough income to make a person ineligible for financial support from Centrelink. Consequently, over time, their earnings are not enough to cope with private sector rental as well as food, utilities, phone, medical care etc. A dependent partner’s needs can also contribute to the financial load. Jennifer (not her real name) found it really h

Client prepares mouth-watering meals from donated food

St Johns Care (SJC) is a special place in Canberra providing refuge and support for people who have day to day challenges in their lives. All the people who attend the Centre are treated with compassion and respect. We provide support and understanding, including food that has been kindly donated by the community or from Oz Harvest. Oz Harvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it directly to more than 1300 charities that support people in need. One visitor to SJC, who we shall call Susan, comes into the Centre when she requires some assistance with groceries. Susan hit hard times a few years ago because of d


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