"Items Required"

We have changed our “Wish List” to “Items Required”. This is to emphasise the importance of the items and goods being needed right now. We always appreciate your generosity, and even one item from the list below would be better than nothing at all. Items Required right now: Vegemite, peanut butter, large (15kg) nappies and long-life milk. On that note we are not able to accept furniture or electrical items due to storage and WHS regulations. We currently have hit our limit with second hand clothes and bedding. As a result we are unable to store these items at the moment - you can thank Marie Kondo. We are also trying to reduce the use of plastic bags. If you have spare cloth bags or are able

Working together to help clients

A month ago, we received a phone call from a concerned friend of one of our clients. The friend said that he was really worried about John (not his real name) as he was in significant pain from a medical condition. I was aware of this condition as I had been advocating on John’s behalf with Centrelink for some time, to arrange a Health Care Card. Centrelink were having problems processing his application and he was still waiting on the card. The result of not having the Health Care Card was that he couldn’t afford to have his medical condition treated. He had developed further complications and was now very physically and mentally unwell. I contacted John and he was extremely upset explainin

Supporting some of our most vulnerable young people

'Raw Potential Canberra', previously known as ‘Youth Care Canberra’ supports some of our most vulnerable young people who are currently at a ‘low’ point in their lives. My name is Nicolle. I am a youth outreach worker for 'Raw Potential Canberra' (St John’s Care is the service provider). We support at risk, vulnerable and homeless young people. I meet with them at some of the hardest times of their young lives, and we, if they let us, have the privilege to walk alongside them and offer our support, care, information and light. During my time working in the ‘Youth Sector’, I met a young boy called Ryan (not his real name). Tragically, Ryan told me that as he grew older, his living environment


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